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Sawad, 17, England

"Today it’s so easy to get information especially across the internet. It’s so easy to look for a particular topic and immediately have all this information coming to you and that in itself is brilliant but the problem is that, I want to know whether or how you can differentiate how you simply know a subject or truly understanding it? It’s too easy to just copy and paste pictures and information and not even actually think about them. It’s too easy to get the definition of a word thrown at you without actually looking at other possibilities. I just want to know how you are going to differentiate between a student who is just taking all this information in and not doing much with it or has actually taken the time to truly understand it and how you can assess that? Because on paper you can have two students with the same piece of homework and the same kind of material but one of them has actually understood it whereas the other one hasn’t taken any interest at all. How can you tell the difference?"

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"As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it."
 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands