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Karolina, 15, Lithuania

A lot of people think that computers will replace teachers in the future. But is that true? I don’t think so, because computers can’t replace a real person. And teachers are not just teachers. They are also our friends – we can tell them about our problems, we can be consoled and encouraged by our teachers and we can get some advice from them. There are things like life experience, social intercourse, belief, finally the perception of good and beauty. Can a computer teach us these things? There are many more important things than studies such as friendship, bravery, love. If you experience all that, you LIVE REAL LIFE. The computer is a good thing to acquire knowledge, but TO LIVE we must be taught by a real person, not by a machine. That is my opinion.

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"As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it."
 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands