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Roberto Carneiro Portugal

“I’m Roberto Carneiro. I’m from Portugal. I teach at the Catholic University. I have lot of contacts with young people. I’ve been a teacher for thirty years. I’m a digital immigrant, you are digital natives. I was very impressed by your wishes and your dreams. I think it’s very good to have dreams. There was a president of the United States who said 'Some people see things as they are ask, "why?" Others see things as they could be and ask, "why not?"' So it is your role to ask "why not"; to build this brave new world and be happy in this brave new world and to construct meaning. Meaning is the fundamental outcome of learning. We must learn to learn, to become literate in learning to learn and building meaning means retaining learning that makes sense. It helps you understand the world and your role in life, your mission. This has to do with values, with character with all that goes together with learning. So look for role models, look for your mission in the world and try to change the things for the better. Change your school, your professions, your companies, the place where you work and be people who feel empowered to make a difference in this brave new world. I wish you luck, good luck.”
Roberto Carneiro Portugal
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"As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it."
 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands