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Create Your Own Video: The Technical Bit

You may need someone with technical experience in video to help you! This document explains the technical requirements and procedures for creating a video for yourself.

What equipment and software do I need?
You can record the video with any equipment you have, but if possible try to use a digital video (DV) camera to get the best quality. You could use:
• A DV camera (preferred).
• A camera phone.
• A web cam (if your computer can record from it).
You will also need a computer capable of handling video (most computers can do this) and some software to bring it in from the camera or whatever source you use. Some software packages that you can use for this are:
• Windows Movie Maker - available on most computers with Windows XP.
• iMovie - available on Apple Mac computers.
• Avid Free DV - a free programme download for Windows and Mac OS X that has editing features.
• LiVES - a free programme download for Linux users.

What format should my video be in?
Ideally, your video should be in DV Stream (.dv) or Quicktime (.mov) format as these are the best uncompressed quality. If you cannot export to these formats, most others will be fine.

How do I get it to
You can upload the file (this may take a while as file sizes may be quite large) to or a file transfer site (there are many such sites that offer free services on the internet), then e-mail with the link. Alternatively, you can write the movie file (along with the transcripts in your language and English) onto a CD or data DVD and post it to:
55 Alfred Road
CM14 4BT
United Kingdom

You will be refunded the cost of your postage!

If you have any questions or need help please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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