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Expectations of the participants

In short, consider the question areas, identify relevant ones, optionally prepare a podcast or statement, contribute to a final collective statement.

In preparation for the meeting, we hope that participants will consider the foregoing question areas as the basis for discussion at the meeting. It is envisioned to organize into small ‘break-out groups’ to discuss the questions. In order to group participants; please identify which questions are most pertinent to your interests.

In addition, we plan to create the opportunity to make a podcast for those who wish to do so, either responding to the voice of young people presented at the beginning of the meeting or in making a response to the questions outlined above. For the podcast, participants may wish to prepare a statement (maximum 180 seconds) in advance of the meeting.

Some participants will arrive on the afternoon of Friday 22 June - we will use this time to discuss the questions framework, review other literature and thus prepare for Saturday.


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