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About Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing

This is a website developed by Core UK to support the meeting of a UNESCO High Level Group of Visionaries in Kronberg, Germany, 22-23 June 2007, sponsored by The German Commission to UNESCO and BASF

Kronberg Knowledge

On the path to building knowledge societies, we need to understand both the legacy and potential of knowledge as applied to UNESCO’s objectives. The presumption that knowledge is a key driver of social and economic development (which includes notions of cultural identity, empowerment, inclusion and human security and dignity) is a core foundation of UNESCO’s mandate. In this context, this event addresses the concept of “knowledge” and the inter-relationships between learning, knowledge transfer, technology use and new knowledge models.

Acquisition and Sharing

Today, the ICTs afford the exciting opportunity to begin questioning some of the basic assumptions and the choices that were predicated on them and to re-open discussions around the nature of learning, the content of learning and the role of facilitators and places for learning. We must seek to use learning systems to encourage reflection, creativity, expression, cooperation, social responsibility, democratic values, and tolerance. Learning modes will become a diversified mixture of self-instruction, group work and tutoring. This process will be complicated and difficult, particularly as there are many different audiences of learners to be targeted - students, skilled workers, general public, young children, out-of-school, primary age, secondary, tertiary, etc.


The solution lies essentially in the organizational, pedagogical and cultural realms, but ICTs can have a key enhancing role if applied correctly. The new concepts of on-line connectivity, virtual environments (choice of delivery media) and group-ware methodologies can contribute to building a tradition of life-long learning.

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"As for the future, your task is not to foresee, but to enable it."
 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands